App Branding

Check out how you can put your organisations branding on the app with this guide

Perhaps by now, you’ve learned all about the great (and surprisingly simple) ways you can brand your training courseware, but it’s also important to know about these other creative ways to brand the app itself, allowing you the chance to really make the app your own.  After all, your learners will be using the app in order to access your content, so it’s only right that we provide ample opportunity to let your brand shine, front and center (we’re quite content staying behind the scenes).

These branding features not only allow you to customize the app in ways that pack a big punch, but they also take minimal effort to set up from our admin portal.  Incorporating any one of these features into your customized training program will make a big impact on your end users’ experience, putting your logo and branding in the spotlight:


  • Customize the app by setting up your own Custom Splash Screen.  From the very moment your learners login to the app, the splash screen with your uploaded logo and background image will appear while your users’ training content loads. 

Pro tip: upload a .gif file as your background image to pump some movement into your splash screen - it will look fantastic behind your logo!

  • As users register to your training program, the sign up page they’ll use is fully customizable also, from the admin portal.  Simply upload your logo so that it will be spotlighted at the top of the page, and decide which information fields new users will need to complete in order to sign up for their accounts.  
  • Banners display key information that sits right above your users’ course lists - use them to post announcements, call-out new training courses, or even link to external resources.  Clients often use Banners to link to important updates often found on company websites.


With a little bit of thought, you can customize the app in creative ways that add another layer of branding to your end-user experience.  Using these features, you can fully immerse your learners in your organization’s branding from start to finish, the entire time they’re in EdApp.