Authentication and general guidelines


To authenticate with the Ed API, an access token is needed. Access tokens can be acquired via the Ed CMS on . The access token needs to be passed via the http Authorization header with the ‘Bearer’ prefix. For example, with curl, the format would be:

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer a56cd0ac-11c2-11e6-a148-3e1d07dcef63'

From the LMS the token can be found under Settings > API as follows:


General guidelines

Most v2 API’s use paging to limit the size of the responses. The default pageSize = 25 but this can be increased to 1000 records per page.

All parameters are passed in the query string and must be url encoded. Parameters can be used as filters to make queries by logical groupings like last 24 hours, or per course, per lesson, per user, etc.