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Brain Boost

Q: What is Brain Boost?

Brain Boost is an in-built feature within the learners app that allows users to learn with spaced repetition. It’s a daily game that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of interactive slides which were included in completed lessons by the learner. This game can be played only once a day and will take approximately the same amount of time for the learner everyday. We have used the same algorithm that Duolingo uses.

Q: What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition, also known as distributed practice, is a highly-effective method of learning. Lessons are retaken at increasing intervals until knowledge is fully embedded in long-term memory. The more frequently a lesson is retaken, the better the knowledge retention is and the less frequently the repeated learning needs to occur. It is linked to the forgetting curve which plots memory retention over time.


Q: How does Brain Boost work?

Brain Boost automatically creates interactive lessons based upon core, previously-learned content. Any course material that a learner has not completed successfully is repeated more frequently to encourage retention until it is locked in to long-term memory. It uses the highly-regarded Supermemo SM-2 interval algorithm to space out questions. 


Q: What questions will appear in Brain Boost?

The Brain Boost quiz will pull in questions which the learner has already answered from their lessons. Each time the user takes the Brain Boost quiz it will update to reflect the knowledge they have demonstrated on previous Brain Boost quizzes. 


Q: If I select 50 slides to participate in Brain Boost will there always only be 20 slides shown in my daily quiz?

If you opt in 50 slides then it will still be 20 slides in the brain boost, but a different 20 every day


Q: What if I opt in 5 slides for my daily quiz? Will there only be 5 slides available then in the daily quiz?

If you opt in 5 slides for Brain Boost, nobody will get Brain Boost. We require at least 20 slides to be configured to enable the quiz to display. 


Q: Will a learner see slides that I’ve enabled to participate if they haven’t accessed the slide yet or answered the slide yet before?

Learners will only see a slide if they have accessed it before and if it has been turned on for participation in Spaced Repetition.


Q: How many slides appear to the learner each day?

The algorithm will work in such that the learner is thrown around the same amount of slides daily for a consistent experience, and it is 20 slides.


Q: How many slides do I need to enable for Brain Boost?

The minimum requirement for an admin to enable Spaced Repetition is 20 interactive slides. On average the learner will be shown between 10 and 20 interactive slides (excluding informative slides and exit slide).


Q: What happens if no new learning is taken, and the answers on Brain Boost are being answered correctly, won’t the pool of questions be getting smaller and smaller?

No matter how much you take it (or not), the brain boost delivery and number of slides will not change. What does change is what content is most likely to be in the next Brain Boost. Every time you answer a question, we know how many times you have answered it correctly in a row and adjust when the next time we should show it. When you get the question wrong, we wipe the streak and set its priority much higher so you would see it again soon if you’re taking Brain Boost often. We have a few other constraints such as the max number of courses to put in a Brain Boost and some other technical requirements so it’s not always “if I get this question wrong there is a 100% chance it will be in my next Brain Boost” but it is more likely.


Q: If you ignore your daily Brain Boost, how long until it stops appearing for you?

It never goes away, there will always be a daily quiz.


Q: What if a user answers all slides enabled for Brain Boost, correctly on the first try? How does that change their daily quiz?

If a user answers all questions right their first time through, then its based on time (questions they answered earlier would be more likely to be at the front). If they did every question at the exact same moment and got them all right, then its random for all intents and purposes.


Q: Is there a limit on how many times Brain Boost can be used?

A user can only do the Brain Boost quiz once per day. 


Q: How do I set up and manage Brain Boost?

Brain Boost works behind the scenes to know when to reiterate your content. It looks at how users are doing within lessons, as well as factoring in the weighted importance of your content to decide what comes next. Your learners will automatically receive the optimal learning tailored to their individual needs, so you don’t have to worry about the details.


Q: Where can I find analytics on Brain Boost?

Brain Boost serves as a way for learners to better their learning individually. We do not currently provide admins with analytics on Brain Boost activity.  Analytics for Brain Boost will be available in a future iteration of the feature.


Q: Do Brain Boost scores count towards leaderboards?

No, Brain Boost scores do not count towards leaderboards.


Q: When will my learners be able to start using Brain Boost?

They will be able to use it once they have answered 40 of the questions that are included in Brain Boost.