Course Configuration - Completions Tab

The completion tab enables Admins to set a number of different requirements on the course for it to count as completed for a learner.

Standard completion – learners must fulfil the lesson completion requirement in order for it to count towards the course completion

Simple open – learners only need to open the lesson for it to count towards the course completion

All lessons count equally – the course will be completed once the learner completes a certain percentage of the lessons. By default, the percentage is at 100% but this can be changed if the admin requires. If left at 100% then all lessons will need to be finished for the course to be complete.

Specific lessons are required – this will dictate what lessons are required to complete a course. Once clicked, there are two tables that admins can toggle lessons within the course between. Any lessons on the left will be optional (and therefore will not be required for completion) and lessons on the right will mandatory to completing the course.

Any type of lessons created after this is implemented will automatically fall in the left table, so admins must be careful to move them across to the right if they want all lessons to count toward completion.

Completion certification – these are first set up in 'App Settings' but then are enabled per course depending on what courses Admins would like learners to receive certificates for.