Course Leaderboards

Course leaderboards can be created in order to have scores of all the lessons within this course count towards a leaderboard

Course leaderboards can be advantageous over normal leaderboards as learners may all be assigned to different amounts of content. Normal leaderboards will count any scores that are earned during that time, whereas course leaderboards will only count the scores earned on that course.

This will help boost engagement through social competition to motivate employees to complete their training material and climb the ranks as top performers. Learners will also feel like they are able to reach the top of the leaderboard much easier if they are against others that have the same course assignment as everyone else. 

To create a course leaderboard:


Step 1: Go to course that you want to enable the leaderboard for

Find the course that you want to create the leaderboard on from the courses page and click on it


Step 2: Go to the Engagement tab

You will find the engagement tab next to the 'briefcase' tab and the 'completion' tab.


Step 3: Click on 'view leaderboard' in order to view the configurations


Step 4: Edit any settings that are necessary

In the settings you can edit leaderboard title as this will assume the name of the course. 

Participants and schedule will need to be configured on the course itself.

To edit the participants, this needs to be done via the 'access rules' page of the course

If you want to remove the course leaderboard this can be done by going back to the course 'engagement' tab and disabling the leaderboard.


Learner's App

If a leaderboard is enabled on a course, then a Learner will view the leaderboard after each lesson attempted in that course as a separate summary screen. They can also access leaderboards at any time by going to the 'leaderboards' section on the menu.

Learners will be able to toggle between 'global' view and 'team' view when on a Course or Rapid Refresh leaderboard. 'Global' view shows their progress against everyone else who is assigned to the course, and 'team' view shows their progress with their user group against other user groups. 

The 'team' view will calculate the total score of the users in the group / the number of users in that group to make sure it is fair even if some teams are smaller!