Course Leaderboards

Q: How does a course leaderboard get created?

Admins can enable the leaderboard on the course page on the 'engagement' tab

  • Title - assumes course title

    • If Admin edits the leaderboard title then it will no longer assume course title even if the course title gets change afterwards. Admins will have to manually change it to their preferred title.

  • Learner access - enabled by default

  • Schedule - assumes end date of course (if available)

  • Participants - assumes course participants. Only currently assigned users get access to the leaderboard


Q: How does scheduling work?

The scheduling is automated based on the configurations that Admins have set on the course regarding dates that determine when a course is accessible. Admins can view a prompt to let them know how scheduling works “This leaderboard inherits the same start and end dates as the corresponding course, if available. If not, the leaderboard will start when the course is live and end when the course is no longer available. To update your leaderboard schedule, edit your course.”

  • The 2 scheduling options are:

  1. Assumed/Scheduled = If a course has an end date, then that date would be the leaderboard end date as well

  2. Free Form = If course has no end date, the leaderboard has no end date and is a long-standing leaderboard that never ends

Q: Can I disable a leaderboard after the course has been published?

Yes, you can enable/disable a course leaderboard at any time by going to the 'engagement' tab of the course


Q: Can I change the course leaderboard title after the course has been published?

No, you can only change when the course is drafted


Q: Can you change anything about a course leaderboard once its made live to learners?

No, all settings in the course leaderboard page will be disabled once a course is made live to learners - this page then becomes an overview summary for the Admin on Title, Learners Access, Participants, Schedule


Q: How can an Admin remove a course leaderboard after the course is published?

Course leaderboards can be removed by disabling the leaderboard under the Engagement tab on the course page itself


Q: How can an Admin view course leaderboard results?

In the course’s leaderboard page, you can view results by clicking on the Rankings tab


Q: What happens to course leaderboard when the course has ended?

The course leaderboard will exist indefinitely in the leaderboards list in the LMS


Q: How does Simple Open work with course leaderboards?

We recommend both features not to be used simultaneously and have added a warning for the Admin on the Simple Open feature that reads “Learners only need to open a lesson for it to count towards their course completion. If you have a course leaderboard enabled, we do not recommend this requirement as learners are rewarded 100% upon open.”


Q: What do the status' mean?

  • Draft → Learner cannot see it (because course is not published)

  • Published → Learner can see it and can participate in the leaderboard actively (available and active)

  • Ended → Learner can see it but cannot participate anymore (e.g. within the 10 days after the course has ended)

  • Ended → Learner cannot see it (because course has ended)


Q: What happens when a leaderboard is enabled → disabled → enabled again?

When a leaderboard gets disabled after it has been enabled, then the leaderboard will be removed from the Admins view in leaderboards but also removed from the Learners leaderboards. When a leaderboard gets enabled after it has been disabled, then the leaderboard will be revived with all past completions included based on current assignment of users


Q: Does a leaderboard display after each lesson for the learner?



Q: How are the leaderboards in the leaderboard list ordered for the learner?

Learners can view dividers for the different types of leaderboards available to them. Learners will view the list of leaderboards in descending order from the most recently participated in leaderboard being at the top to the oldest leaderboard assigned to them


Q: What happens to course leaderboard when a course has ended?

Learners have up to 10 days to view the course leaderboard before it becomes inaccessible to them (Only Admins can view in the LMS)


Q: Who do I see participate in the course leaderboard?

All learners assigned to the course. Can also switch views between Global (individuals) and Team (user groups)


Q: How is a Learners final score calculated in the course leaderboard?

Learner’s total score is calculated based on completion with time submitted being the tiebreaker if another learner got the same completion score

  • Time submitted is calculated per lesson and then the sum of time spent for all lessons

    • Rank positioning = Completion (scoring)

    • tiebreaker = Time Submitted (sum of time spent for every lesson)

    • Final positioning = Rank Positioning + Time Submitted


Q: How do we rank people with 0 completion?

No ranking number next to their username which is still displayed


Q: Can a Learner rank higher if they attempt the course again with a higher completion?

Yes. If a Learner re-attempts a course then they can climb the leaderboard if they get a higher score as the leaderboard takes the highest score for the user and refreshes ranking in leaderboard


Q: Can a Learner view leaderboard for a drafted/unassigned course?

The leaderboard will no longer be displayed in the list of leaderboards when the course gets unassigned or drafted. This leaderboard will still be viewable by the Admins in the LMS


Q: Can a Learner view a leaderboard for a deleted course?

The leaderboard will no longer be displayed in the list of leaderboards when the course gets deleted or leaderboard is disabled.