Course Level Branding

Branding can make the user experience feel very customised to your organisation. The branding configured here will show on all lessons within the course.

See lesson level branding if you'd like a certain lesson's design to look different to the others within a course.



Course Image

Lesson Background


Custom CSS


Navigate to Course Branding by selecting the Course > Course Settings > Branding



Course Image

This is the image shown on the top of the user’s screen when they click into the course.

You can choose the colour of the writing that sits over the cover image between white and black.

Lesson Background


This will be the background of all templates.

Choose a set colour scheme if you don't require a specific image!

Keep the course and lesson image simple or put a white/black overlay on the image in order to make the text easier to read.



Input the organisation's logo which will appear in the top left of the screen throughout lessons

You can also apply a logo on the account level within App Settings. This will apply the logo to all courses that don't already have a course logo applied.

Square logos with transparent backgrounds look best!

Custom CSS

This is an advanced way to design your lesson if you'd like more customisation than the out of the box designs. Please see this article for more details.

If the account has Global CSS applied in the 'App Settings' then these will be set as the default on all courses.

Design on Canva

"Upload an image" or choose to design your branding via our Canva integration. Any assets with the crown icon will denote that it is part of a Canva paid plan. You can sign up for a free Canva account to use the images without the crown icon for free. 

Other free image sites: Unsplash and Pexels.