Get Courses

Get a list of courses

Courses are used to group lessons in EdApp. Because there is a lot of specific functionality linked to courses, they can only be created through the admin portal. This endpoint is only to get a list of courses, including lessons for reference purposes.
A GET request to this endpoint will return a list of courses within an account and details on the lessons within each course.
Parameter Description Data Type
Page (Optional)
Page number to retrieve
Value > 1
PageSize (Optional)
Number of records per page
Value 1



Field Description Data Type
id EdApp Course Id string
externalId External Id string
title EdApp course title string
description EdApp course description string
status The status of a course can be "draft" or "published" string
locale Language of the course in the short iso format, eg "en" for English Array
duration The total duration of the course Integer
thumbnailUrl The url to the image of the course String
modifiedDateTime The date and time the course was last modified datetime