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Create a knowledge test

Utilise EdApp's range of templates to create tests for your learners

Assessment is an important part of any learning content. With EdApp, not only can you structure your courseware into engaging, bitesized lessons, but you can also utilise a range of templates to build knowledge tests. 

How to create a simple knowledge test 

1) Navigate to the course you would like to build the test in, or create a new course if you would like this to sit separately. Create a lesson and navigate to the authoring tool

2) Navigate to the template library and insert the slides to build out your questions. For knowledge tests, focus on the template categories that allow for a correct/incorrect response (Concepts, Multiple Choice, Numbers, Relationships). 

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.50.19

Top Tip:  You may prefer to build your knowledge test with numerous slides using the same template, like the popular multiple choice ones. To build an additional level of engagement with the test, utilise a range of scoreable templates in the assessment. 

3) Configure Completion requirements. Once you've set up the test with all of your questions, make sure to save it and then navigate out of the authoring tool back to the lesson. Click 'Completion.' Click 'Require a Minimum Score' if you would like learners to have to achieve a certain percentage on the assessment in order for it to be marked as complete. Alternatively, if you would only like them to be able to do the assessment once, click 'Lock after Completion.' 

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 15.00.31

Top Tip: To understand how scoring works on EdApp, view this FAQ. If you'd like to configure your test so that some questions are weighted more heavily than others, navigate to the scoring section on the individual slide, and alter the weight. 

Pre and Post testing 

Please see this article for more information on pre and post testing.

If you want to test your learner's knowledge of subject matter before they access the rest of your courseware and after they've gone through it, follow these easy steps: 

1) Create your test as above. Set it as a prerequisite for your other lessons/courses. 

2) Create a new course. Duplicate the original knowledge test lesson and rename it. This will ensure that learners receive the exact same test. 

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 15.27.29

3) Set your courses/lessons as prerequisites for this post knowledge test. 

Top Tip: Remember, you can view a user's score in the Analytics exports on a course level. Export the Course Completion by User report to compare a user's score on the pre and post test.