HiBob Integration

By integrating EdApp with your HiBob platform, onboarding employees to your training content in EdApp becomes a fully automated process.

Enabling HiBob Integration

To enable this integration, you’ll have to first create a Service User. To create one, click on Settings --> Integrations. Then click on the "Manage" link in the "Service Users" tile. Click "New service User," fill in the details, and click "Next." On the page, copy the "ID" and the "Token" and keep them somewhere save, we will need these later.
On the page copy the "ID" and the "Token" and keep them somewhere save, we will need these later.
Click "Done"
Now we need to set the right permissions for the Service user. Click "Settings --> Roles and Permissions" and Add another Group. Give the group a name and add the Service user that you created in the previous step.
Now we can add the needed permission for the integration. 
The minimum set of permissions that we need are:
  • Lifecycle --> View selected employees' Lifecycle sections
  • Address --> View selected employees' Address sections
  • Employment --> View selected employees' Employment sections

In the "Applies To" section select the Option "Select by Condition" and click edit. Delete the condition "Lifecycle status" and click Apply.

Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

To complete the set-up in EdApp please log-in to the integrations page, then choose HiBob. 
From there choose the Set Up tab and enter your HiBob User Id and Token of the service user from the step above then click 'Connect'.
Note- Here you will also have the option to send the new users a welcome email with their credentials to login to EdApp. When using Single sign on you might not want to send this email to users but rather communicate the use of EdApp via your own channels. 
 Lastly choose the settings tab and toggle on the 'Sync Users' option to complete the set-up.

Sync User Data

Mandatory fields are Email (Work email), First name, and Last name. Email will be used as the EdApp username.

Note: Archived users in HiBob will automatically be set inactive in EdApp once synced and placed in the Inactive Users group which is a Frozen Users group.

EdApp Custom fields

Custom Fields can be configured in the App Settings under the 'more' tab and must be created before the dynamic user groups themselves can be set up. Users can be segmented based on the criteria the Admin adds as custom fields. This can be anything from region, job title, territory etc. More info can be found at

Address category

The employee API response includes both Zipcode and Postcode which have the same value, so you can select either one.

USA State is only for US employees. Field format is Address {name}, it can be with space, underscore or dash. i.e. Address City, Address_City, Address-city


Field Label

Field name 

Category in HiBob 

Address City



Address Zipcode



Address Postcode



Address Country



Address USA state



Example of Address category in HiBob 
EdApp custom fields example

Work category

There are two sections in the Work category which we will refer to as the top and bottom sections for clarity.


EdApp field prefix for the top section is “Work”, and bottom section is “Work Details”

Mandatory fields

Jot title, Department and Site will be taken for all employees from Work details (bottom section).


Field Label

Field name 

Category in HiBob

Work Details Job Title



Work Details Department



Work Details Site



Here's what the EdApp fields would look like for this data set:


Field label Field name Category in HiBob
Employment type employmenttype Employment

HiBob custom fields

Optionally you have the ability to bring in additional fields from the Work category. If custom fields are added from the top section, then Field Label should start with “Work” and if the fields are added from the Bottom section then Field Label should start with “Work Details”.

Using the sample data above, the custom fields in the Top section are Job Type, Job Type List, DateField, NumberField, MultilistField, HierarchyListField, and CurrencyField. Here's what the EdApp fields would look like for this data set:

Please note that more permissions might be needed for the service user to expose the custom fields in Hibob.
Employee Sync interval

Employees will be synced from HiBob to EdApp every 24 hours beginning at the time the Sync Users option was enabled.