Invite a user Manually

This article covers how to invite users to EdApp manually

Users can be invited to EdApp in a variety of ways. Inviting them via email is a good option if you would like to manually control who receives an invitation and you have their contact information. In this post, we explain how to invite users manually via the email option on EdApp.

1. Navigate to ‘Create & Invite Users’

This can be found under the User pane. Once you’re on this page, you’ll see several options for inviting users to the platform. In this post, we’ll focus on the first option.

2. Click ‘Invite New Users’   

Here you’ll be given the option of inviting users manually or via CSV upload. To learn how to invite users in bulk visit here.

3. To invite a short list of users, click Invite Manually  

Input your users’ email addresses. If you would like to grant them Administrator privileges, check the box next to their email address. The system will automatically match the user’s email domain to yours unless you uncheck this box. When you are ready, click 'Send Invitations'. The users you have entered will receive email instructions with their user login details.