Lesson Configurations - Display Tab

This article will indicate what settings are available in the 'Display' tab of the lesson configurations.

The 'Display' tab on the lesson configuration is split into the pre-lesson screen and post-lesson screen settings:

  1. Hide lesson details – the Admin can choose to hide or show the progress bar and/or hide the content type on the pre-lesson screen.
  2. Enable stars – the Admin can turn stars off on a lesson level if they wish to do so. They can also hide information about stars, the star progress (how many stars a user has earned out of the total available) and the star availability depending on the Admin’s preference.
  3. Enable answer feedback – this will show the answers to all the interactive questions as a summary at the end so the learners can get another reinforcement of the correct answers.
  4. Hide lesson score – this means the learner will not see the score they achieved at the end of the lesson.
  5. Hide response summary – if ticked, this will not show the user the response they gave to each interactive slide at the end of a lesson.