Observations FAQs

What are Observations?

Observations is a ‘checklist style’ feature in which admins or facilitators can start in person assessments utilising an observation checklist form to capture the learner’s performance.

What does an Observation look like in EdApp?

Observations appear as a type of lesson, and they sit within a course as an individual part of the course.

Are Observations mandatory for learners to complete a course?

No. This can be made mandatory or optional, for learners to complete a course.

Are Observations visible to all learners assigned to a course it belongs?

Observations can be on universal access or can be assigned to specific user groups. They can also be published or drafted so users can see/ not see them.

As an admin, how do I set up Observations?

New: Reach out to us, the EdApp team (support@edapp.com), if you are interested in setting up Observations for your courses. This step is required because the Observations feature is currently in a limited BETA release, at the moment.

As a learner, what information can I see regarding my Observation lesson?

observations 1

For Observations that have commenced: you will be able to see the status as: 'Passed, Failed or In Progress'. You will also see the date of the Observation and the name of the Assessor. 

For Observations that have been completed: you will be able to see the feedback and results given by your assessor.

As a learner, why am I not able to access the full results of my Observation lesson?

observations 2

Your admin may have disabled the Completed Learner Access option in The Observation Settings. If they have enabled this option, your screen should look like the image above.