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For a full step by step guide on how to configure playlists, visit here

Q: What does it look like for the learner?

As soon as a learner logs into the app, they will be able to view the Playlist at the top of the home page. Once they click into the Playlist, they will view a list of courses ordered as suggested by the admin on the LMS (the order of courses is reflected on the app the way they are ordered in the LMS).


Q: Can users complete courseware in any order they want or is there a mandatory sequence?

For the first iteration, users may complete playlist content in any order they prefer. However, the main purpose of Playlists is to act as a guide for learners on the most effective learning strategy to progress through their training.


Q: Can admins set an enrolment date for Playlists?

Not in the first iteration. As soon as a Playlist is published, users are enrolled automatically when they are added to a selected user group that is assigned to said Playlist.


Q: How are drafted courses within a Playlist presented to a learner?

Drafted courses may be added to the Playlist from an admin’s point of view but will not display for the user until the course is published.


Q: How do Playlists work with user groups? Can a user group be assigned to several Playlists?

User groups can be assigned to a Playlist whereby the users that belong to that user group will be automatically enrolled in said Playlist. User groups can be assigned to as many Playlists as the admin would like.


Q: Is translation supported in this iteration of Playlists?

Translation is not supported in this iteration of Playlist.

We don’t support linked translated courses but if you have a translated course which is not linked to an original course then you can definitely add that translated course to a playlist (its just the new linking feature is not supported, so if your device language is in Arabic and you have the original course in English (with an Arabic course linked in LMS) added to the playlist then when I go to the playlist I will see the course in English - you can only add original courses to Playlist. Within the modal where you add courses to the Playlist, the linked translated course (in this case the Arabic one) will not show as an option to add to the Playlist unless you unlink it.


Q: What would EdApp recommend Admins to consider when building a Playlist?

  • The key here is to keep the end goal of a learner in mind. Ask yourself, what is the best way a learner can progress through courseware in a way that retains the information?
  • When ordering courses, make sure that the sequence is based off of a particular flow of knowledge stream that builds up towards a major theme.
  • Since this iteration of Playlist allows learners flexibility in progressing through courseware, relevance is definitely one thing to consider
  • Make sure you are building Playlists in a way that allows admins to organise their training programs.
  • Do not overwhelm your learners with many courses within a Playlist. We suggest anywhere between 6 - 8 number of courses per Playlist.

Q: Can you change the Playlist at any time? Are the changes reflected in real time?

Playlists can be edited at any time and those changes will be reflected in real time.


Q: Are changes in a Playlist reflected to a learner after they have been published?

Yes but there is no visual indication.


Q: Is there a maximum number of Playlists that a learner can be enrolled in?

There is no maximum number of Playlists per learner. Admins can choose to have as many Playlists as they see fit for their learning program/goals.