Reviewer Role

The reviewer role is suited to those reviewing content that may not be ready to be published, or made available to learners yet.


What the role means


What does it look like to have the Reviewer role enabled?

Use Case


For more information on how to configure other user permissions, please see this article here.

What does this role mean?

Users granted this permission are able to view all courses and lessons in the app assigned to them – they can bypass prerequisites and unlock dates, and view courses and lessons that are set to draft.

Reviewer's interactions on the learner's app don't get recorded in analytics.

How to enable the Reviewer role

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Users' page and click on the username or edit.

This can be found under the user pane. 


Step 2: Scroll down to the various role settings at the bottom of the user profile page. 

Step 3: Tick the box next to the Reviewer role and hit save.


What it looks like to have the Reviewer role enabled.

Since you can see all content assigned to you as a Reviewer, we’ve added messaging to the course to let you know if it’s drafted, published, or made available only during a certain time frame.

Image on the left: a regular learner.

Image on the right: what a course page looks like for a user with the Reviewer role ticked.


Why is this role useful?

If you want a user to review content before learners are able to see it or before you’ve published it. For example, if you need a stakeholder or legal team to approve a course before it goes live, and you don’t want to change any of the calendar date restrictions or publish the course yet.