In addition to the API, which enables custom integrations, we have a standard integration with workday.

Users will be maintained in Workday and synced to the SSO provider

Single Sign On will be used to log into EdApp. If the user does not exist in the system, it will be created automatically.

Email will be used as the shared key between Workday and EdApp to link users. Courses and lessons will be created in EdApp and automatically created in workday through an API.
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1. Create/Update Course (We don't handle deletes)
As soon as a course is created in EdApp, we will create the course in Workday through: 
Updates should also be handled.

Learning_Digital_Course_Reference (same as Learning_Course_Id?)
Course_Image_Data (Learning_Image_Upload_Data)

2. Course completion information
When a user completes a course in EdApp, the completion including the score will be sent to Workday through:

Learning_Enrolment_Id (optional if a user is not enrolled in workday but still takes the course in EdApp)

Learning_Content_Reference (Learning_Course_Id) Learner_Reference (Employee_Id) Learning_Enrollment_Completion_Date