Launch kit: Setting your KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a great tool to help you measure the health of your programme. Use these examples to help you establish the KPIs that matter most for your organisation and teams.

Below, are some common KPIs that we see across learning programmes at EdApp:


  •  80% completion rates on mandatory courseware
  •  40% completion rates on optional courseware



  • 90% of cohort logging in to the app
  • 80% open rates on all courseware



> 90% of respondents agree that they learned valuable information they could use in their day to day work.

> 70% of respondents agree that they value mobile learning over traditional styles of workplace learning

> 70% of respondents agree that they deepened their knowledge of the material 



You may also want to utilise this template below for any extra measurements that are applicable to your organisation: 


_____% of cohort to log in at least once

_____% of cohort to log in every month

_____ new courses produced each month/quarter

_____% of learners partaking in discussions/assignments

At least _____% completion rates on courseware

The following courses will need to have +80% completion rates:

_____% of learners taking part in leaderboards

_____ prize draws made for the year

_____ Rapid Refresh quizzes produced each month/quarter

_____ % of average completion on Rapid Refresh each month/quarter

_____ custom achievements created each month/quarter



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