Troubleshooting Scenarios

This article will take you through some scenarios you may run into and how to troubleshoot them



User can’t see content when opening the app

  • This means they’re not assigned content just yet. 
  • To add a user to a user group, go to, search their email in the Users List, open their profile, and assign them to the group. Ensure the user group has courseware assigned in the courses section: 
    • Users dropdown>
    • Users>
    • Search Email>
    • Tap Email>
    • Go to User Groups Section>
    • Tap the User group you’d like to add them to>
    • Click Save
  • Another option here would be that the course or a lesson is not published.
    • To publish a course, click the toggle on the course tile or lesson tile in the admin portal to remove it from draft mode. 

User is seeing the wrong content

  • This could mean the learner is in the wrong user group. To remove a user from a user group:
    • Users dropdown>
    • Users>
    • Search Email>
    • Tap Email to open their profile>
    • Go to User Groups Section>
    • Tap the User group in the Selected groups column that you’d like to remove them from>
      • Optionally add them to a new one>
    • Click Save

Users can’t see their Leaderboard

  • This means they’re not in the User Group assigned to the Leaderboard. Follow the steps above to place the user in the correct User Group.
  • To check that they were added (and to view Leaderboards in the admin):
    • Engage dropdown>
    • Leaderboards>
    • Click the Leaderboard Name>
    • Click Winners>
    • You should see their name in the list

User’s app freezes or crashes

  • This might happen if a users’ wifi connection isn’t strong, or they lack memory on their device. 
    • They can try using another stronger wifi connection, or force closing the app and reopening. 
  • If there is something wrong with their device and it is for some reason unusable, they can log into our web app with their same email and password:

User asks about their Leaderboard scores

  • Each lesson is worth 100 points. The learners can see their scores on the front of each lesson (80% = 80 points etc.). 
  • Points populate to the leaderboard if content is taken within the timeframe the leaderboard is set. 
    • If a leaderboard is active from November 17-18, content taken on November 19 will not populate to that leaderboard.  

User’s password needs to be reset

  • If a learner forgets their password, they can tap the forgot password button in the app. This will email them a link to reset their password.
  • Possible Scenario: If this email goes to spam, for example, an admin can reset their password for them.
    • Go to the users’ profile (from the User list)
    • Type their new password into the password field
      • Passwords need to be 10 characters with 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character. 
    • Tap Save
    • Provide learner their password. 
  • If you are not manually resetting their password for them, make sure they only tap the forgot password button once. Otherwise, they can get locked out of their account after 10 attempts. 

User isn’t receiving push notifications

  • If a learner is not receiving push notifications, they could have those disabled on their device. To turn them back on:
    • In your settings on your device, locate EdApp
    • Under Notifications, tap Allow Notifications
  • Also of note, learners will not receive notifications if:
    • They are not logged into EdApp
    • They have not logged into EdApp within the last few weeks
    • They have the app open at the time they are sent (if they are taking courseware for example)


  • Stars can be earned by answering certain interactive questions correctly in lessons, or through playing educational games.
  • The number of Stars available in each question or game is clearly visible when arriving on the question or game.
  • Once an interactive question has been answered, you don’t get the chance to earn that Star again. Think carefully about your answer!
  • Games uniquely allow you to retake the challenge multiple times to earn all of the Stars available. Games are different from regular interactive questions; depending on the amount of points you earn in the game, different amounts of Stars will be awarded.

Can’t hear audio in lessons

  • If you can’t hear the video or audio in the lesson:
    • Please check that your device’s audio is switched on. This can be found on the top right side of your iOS device, or in the settings bar of your Android device.

If there is a bug on the platform, or if the above scenarios don’t resolve your issue, please reach out via live chat or with the following information:

  • Description of the issue:
  • User email:
  • The below information about where the issue was experienced:
    • Course Name:
    • Lesson Name:
    • Slide #(s):
  • iOS or Android Version:
  • Device information (what type of device they're using):
  • Please attach any screen recordings or screenshots of the issue: