Upload PPT

Q. What is the Upload PPT feature?

This feature helps transform a PowerPoint or Keynote file into an EdApp microlesson. 


Q. Can existing customers utilise this feature? 

This feature is now available for all EdApp admins/authors! 


Q. How long does it take for my content to appear in my account? 

The feature will transform your content in just a few moments. 


Q. What are the requirements for submission? 

This feature is limited to PowerPoint and the maximum file size is 50MB. 


Q. How do I submit? 

Log in with your Admin credentials to the LMS. Navigate to Courseware. Press 'Upload PPT' to initiate the process. See a full guide here.


Q. Why hasn't my entire submission been transformed?

As this is in beta, we are only able to add so much into a micro lesson. See here to learn more about how to enhance the submission


Q: What type of file can I upload?

You can only upload PowerPoint files, specifically the pptx format


Q: How can I change a keynote into a pptx?

On your keynote, go to "File" > "Export to..." > "PowerPoint", make sure you choose the "pptx" format on the advanced option. To see a step by step guide, click here.


Q: How many lessons does my pptx get changed to?

It will be changed to one lesson regardless of the amount of slides. We recommend splitting the powerpoint up into different documents depending on how many lessons you want before you begin the upload.


Q: What do I do when I get a Network error?

Check your internet and please try again.


Q: What types of files are not supported in the PPTx?

We skip over tiff, emf, wmf, wmv files rather than stopping the conversion. A subtle warning will ask you to go over the microlesson and making sure you are aware some media types are not supported.