Authenticating and using the EdApp API

How to authenticate with the EdApp API, and other general guidelines.

To authenticate with the EdApp API, an access token is needed. An access token can be acquired via the EdApp admin portal, under Account Settings → API Details. The access token needs to be passed via the HTTP Authorization header with the Bearer prefix. For example, with curl, the format would be:

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer a56cd0ac-11c2-11e6-a148-3e1d07dcef63'

General guidelines

Request parameters

All parameters passed in the query string must be url encoded. Parameters can be used to make queries by logical groupings, like date range, or filter by course, lesson, user, etc.


Most EdApp v2 API’s use paging to limit the size of the responses. You can provide the following query string parameters to requests that support pagination:

  • page: defaults to 1.
  • pageSize: defaults to 25, with a maximum of 1000 records per page.

You can check if a request supports pagination in our API specification.

Rate limiting

The rate limit for all /v2 API endpoint is 1400 requests / 5 minutes. When that rate is exceeded a response with the status code of 429 is returned. In that case requests should be paused for a few minutes.