User Groups API

This page outlines the key concepts regarding user groups in EdApp, and the various endpoints available in the User Groups API.

User Groups API Overview

The EdApp Users Groups API contains the following endpoints (click the links to see detailed documentation):

Read on below for more details about user groups in EdApp.

User Groups in EdApp

User groups in EdApp are used to sort and deliver content.

A course can be assigned to a user group, which grants the users within the group (and any child groups) access to the course.

Groups can be hierarchical, for example, you might have a tiered structure based on location:

  • Australia ← Course A is assigned here
    • New South Wales ← Course B is assigned here
      • Sydney
      • Newcastle ← Course C is assigned here

Users in both the Sydney and Newcastle groups will have access to both Course A and Course B, but only the Newcastle group will have access to Course C.

Invite Codes

Invite codes are used in EdApp as a means for learner registration.

A user group can have an attached invite code. When a user registers themselves on the learners app with an invite code for a specific user group, they are automatically assigned to that user group.

An invite code can be supplied when creating a user group via the User Groups API.