Q: What are banners?

This marketing feature allows you to increase brand awareness and strengthen exposure, target specific segments, and give learners the ability to navigate to URLs outside of the app. Learners will see the banners on the top of their app upon login.


Q: How do I set up a banner?

From the LMS, navigate to 'Banner' under the 'Engage' tab. Click on the '+ Create a Banner' button, and you will be directed to the 'Banner Configuration' page. The toggle allows you to make the Banner visible or hidden to your learners in real time.


Q: Is there required dimensions for a banner image?

We recommend the following dimensions for a quality image [1500 x 740 px].


Q: Does the banner apply to all users in my account?

You have the option to have different banners appear to different user groups. You can assign the user groups to the banner from the banner configuration page. 

Note: Displaying different banners to different user groups is only available on EdApp Pro plans. 


Q: Is an image required in a banner?

A Banner Image is required for the Banner to render on the Learners App. 


Q: How do I add a URL in my banner?

You have the option to add an Image URL that will act as a hyperlink for the learner to be directed to any external URL.


Q. Can I link to any website from a banner? 

Yes, you can link to any external url. 


Q. What are some examples of banners?

Our clients have used them to spotlight learning material, or to promote messages of what learning material is to come. Other use cases include linking to our support page, or linking to a marketing campaign - the possibilities are endless!