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Course Library

Q: How do I access the course library on my admin portal? 

You can access the library from the courses page by clicking on the navy coloured button to the top right of the screen that says “content library”. 


Q: Can I make these courses available to my learners?

Yes, all of the courseware in the library is available for you to use for your own learners. You can import them into your own account by clicking ‘add to library’.  You can assign the courseware to your own user groups under the “Access Rules” tab on the course itself and publish the courseware to your learners also. 


Q: Are all the courses in the library editable?

Not all the courses in the content library are editable. Courses with tagline ‘In Partnership’ are non-editable. These are identified with a navy background on the course library and have the sponsoring company’s logo. Everything else in the library is editable.


Q: Are all the courses in the library free? 

Yes, they are all free!


Q: What is the difference between Educate All courses and In Partnership courses?

Educate All courses are editable by the EdApp community whilst In Partnership courses can be imported into your account and shared to learners, however cannot be edited. 


Q: Can I import the same course multiple times?

Yes, you can have as many copies of the same course imported into your account from the library.


Q: How can I contribute to the content library?

You can sign up for your own EducateAll authoring account by visiting this page; https://www.edapp.com/educate-all

If you  would like to contribute sponsored content, you can visit this page and register your interest. https://www.edapp.com/contribute-educate-all


Q: How do I upload courses to the content library? 

If you are on an Educate All account, all your courseware will be made available in the content library. Once you have created your courseware, you will simply need to click ‘publish’ then select the category your courseware fits into. New courseware takes up to 24 hours to be visible in the library.


Q: Can I edit or update my course once I’ve published it? 

You can make updates to the course that have been published. Note that it will not automatically change for users who have already downloaded it. They will have to re-download the new version into their account. Courses with new updates will be easily identifiable in the library. 


Q: How can I see what my course looks like in the library?

There are two ways you can see your courseware live in the library. As an admin you can go to the ‘courses’ under the courseware tab. Then select ‘course library’ to scroll through or search for your course. Alternatively you can download the application and sign up with a new account to see what the course looks like as a learner.  


Q: Is there a limit to how many courses I can create in my account? 

No. There is no limit to the amount of courses you would like to create within your account.