Creating Content

Q: How do I get to the authoring tool?

You need to create a lesson in order to access the authoring tool. In order to create a lesson you will need to first create a course. Once you have done this, you can click on "edit lesson content" in the lesson you have created to access the authoring tool. 


Q: What is a course?

A course is a folder that lessons sit within on the learner's app and on the admin tool. 


Q: How do I create a course?

You create a course on the “Courses” page by clicking “Create a course” near the top left of your screen. You can find our getting started guide here:


Q: What is a lesson?

A lesson is where admins or authors add content to EdApp templates in order to deliver a learning content to their users. 


Q: How do I create a lesson?

Once you have created your course, you can create a lesson by clicking on the "create a lesson" button to the top left of your screen.


Q: What is a module?

A module is an organisational tool that can be found within courses in order to segment lessons depending on the admin or author's preference. Modules are visible to learners in the app. 


Q: What is a course collection?

A course collection is a folder that can be used for organisational purposes and contains multiple courses. They can be used to declutter the learner's app by arranging courseware into multiple collections. 


Q: Will my learners see a course collection is they don't have access to any of the courses in the collection, or if all the courses are on draft?

In both cases, the learners will not be able to see the course collection.


Q: Do you support real time changes? Can I keep my courses up to date?

Yes, when you edit a course it will automatically be updated in your users apps.


Q: Where do I find the template library?

The template library is found in the authoring tool, in the right-hand pane where you can configure the order of the templates. Look for the button at the bottom "Add a new slide", once clicked this will open the template library.


Q. Can I add images to my lesson?
Yes. To do so, search 'image' in the template library to see the range of templates that can contain images. 


Q. What format should my images be? 

Supported file types are jpg, jpeg, png, gif and svg. 


Q: How can I stop all my courses automatically going on 'universal access' when I first create them?

You can go to the "content" section of "app settings" and untick the Universal Access box. This will disable new courses being on 'universal access'.