Custom Achievements

Q: Where can I find achievements in the LMS?

Under the Engage tab menu item.


Q: Who can view achievements in the LMS?

Admin and account owners


Q: Where can I find achievements in the App?

On My Profile page.


Q: Are custom achievements available on all app versions?

No. These new achievements will only be available on version 2.78.1 and above.


Q: Are Custom Achievements available on all plans?

Available on all plans except for Free Plan. Free plan users will only have access to the default achievements.


Q: Can an Admin assign achievements to user groups?

No. Achievements are available for all Learners in the account.


Q: Can Admins change the language of the Learner output on what a Learner has to do to earn an achievement?

Yes, in the Translations tab. This Learners output will display in the app all unearned achievements. If Admins want to display in a language other than English, they can do so in the translations tab.


Q: When can specific courses be selected as part of the recipe builder?

Specific courses can be selected with the complete or score criteria. Only learners assigned to the course will be able to earn this achievement however it will display in the app for all learners.


Q: Can drafted courses be selected in the recipe builder?

Yes, they can be added to the achievement, however, Admins should be careful as Learners will be able to view the achievement but will not be able to earn the achievement until the course(s) specified are published.


Q: What is the red warning sign in the achievement row on the table indicating?

That the achievement is live and the recipe includes a course that is drafted or has been deleted thus making the achievement visible to Learners yet it cannot be earned as the course does not exist for them.


Q: Is Earned column in the achievement table populated in real-time?

The earned column in the table takes an hour to refresh and show the number of achievers. However, the list of users in the Achievers tab is populated in real-time.


Q: What do Lessons in the recipe builder include?

Discussions, assignments, virtual classrooms, and a regular lesson are considered as a Lesson in the recipe builder.


Q: What happens to the earned column when an achievement is on draft?

If an achievement is on draft then the number earned will show as a dash


Q: What happens when an Admin deletes all achievements in the account?

All data will be lost for Learners and is irretrievable. When Admin deletes all achievements, then the table will disappear and an empty state will render to encourage them to create achievements.


Q: Can Admins search for achievements?

Yes via the search bar placed above the table. Search limited to the title of achievement.


Q: Can I view how many achievements I’m deleting?

Yes, the delete confirmation modal will display the number of achievements being deleted.


Q: What validation exists when creating an achievement?

To be able to save an achievement, a title and recipe are required.


Q: If I save my achievement and still keep it in the draft, can I change the recipe at a later time?

Yes, the recipe can be changed any time before it is set to Live the first time.


Q: How is the Achievers table ordered?

Ordered by the date that the achievement was earned.


Q: Do archived users show in the Achievers table?



Q: If a specific course is selected and has a linked translation, does the completion of the linked translated course contribute to the earning of the achievement?

Yes. In a specific course selector, Admin can only choose the original course.


Q: What happens when a course translation is unlinked, then only the specifically selected course is assigned to that achievement?

  • If Learner progresses on the linked translation 50% then the Admin unlinks, then Learner needs to complete the original course to gain the achievement

  • If Learner progresses on an unlinked translated course 50% than Admin links, then Learner still needs to complete the original course to gain the achievement


Q: Will all default achievements created by EdApp be set to live?

Yes upon release of this feature, all defaults will be made live.


Q: What happens if Admin is downgraded to a free plan?

When downgrading to the free plan, if Admin had customized and deleted defaults, they will be locked on whatever they have in their achievements.


Q: Are all courses displayed in the specific course dropdown in the recipe builder?

Yes, all courses (available in an account) include Universal Access, User Group assigned, courses that include Access Dates or Prerequisites or Mandatory, and courses that belong to Paths or a Collection.


Q: What happens when an Admin archives an achievement?

It will no longer be visible to Learners in the app. No data is lost. When an achievement is archived from Learners, then their progress is paused on that achievement


Q: What does the Learner see if there are no achievements available in an account?

If no achievements are live for Learners, then the Achievements section in My Profile will be hidden.


Q: What happens in the Learner's view if an Admin edits an achievement or changes to the archive?

When a Learner earns an achievement, they retain it forever. This cannot be changed even if Admins update or edit the achievement. Only if Admin deletes the achievement permanently, then it will be removed for Learners.