Sharing Links with Deferred Deeplinks

This article will summarise how you can send a link or a QR code to your learners to direct them to a specific element on the learner's app

An Admin shares a QR code or link with any/all currently assigned learners to deep link them into learning material.

These links can be used for:

  • Courses

  • Lessons

  • Playlists

  • Virtual Conferences

  • Discussions

  • Assignments

  • Course Collections

If you have an AD Blocker extension on your browser it may stop this feature working!

Let's walk through how you can share a deferred deeplink on a course...

Step 1: Go to the course you want to link

Step 2: Click on the link button

Step 3: Choose to copy the link or download the QR code

Admin can hover over the copy button to view a prompt that reads ‘Copy Link’. Admins will see that the link has been copied once the button is clicked

Learners will need to be on app version 2.77.5 or later


Step 4: Send the link/ QR code to the learner

Now lets take a look at the next steps that happens when the link/QR is clicked/scanned:


If you’re logged in and have EdApp downloaded already:

  • You will be directed to the app and deeplinked into the intended learning material.

If you do not have EdApp downloaded:

  • You will be directed to the app store to download the app 
    • Click download app 

    • Once app is downloaded, open the app 

    • Enter credentials and sign in 

    • You will be deeplinked into the intended learning material.


If you have EdApp downloaded, but you're not logged in:

    • You will be directed to the app's login screen 
    • Enter credentials and sign in 

    • You will be deeplinked into the intended learning material.


When a Learner clicks on a link or scans a QR code for deep links into any content (playlists, courses, lessons, etc..) that they are not currently assigned to, then they will view a blank state screen that reads ‘You don’t have permission to access this course. Please contact your admin for access.’


Why is it useful?

We are trying to make it as effortless as possible to get everyone into the specific content and streamline the onboarding process. The aim of this feature is to make sure new app users are getting dropped in the right spot with the least possible steps taken to achieve this. 

  • Admins can create a QR code for training on specific items in the real world

  • Testing in conference spaces has never been easier; the registered user can scan a QR code to take them straight to a quiz (Rapid Refresh) to check any knowledge.

    • As an admin, you can use the deferred deep link to test what a course might look like straight in your phone.