In addition to the API, which enables custom integrations, we have a standard integration with Degreed.

The degreed integration consists of 2 data flows:

  • When a course is published in EdApp, the course is automatically created in Degreed. The course in Degreed contains a “launch URL” which enables the learner to start the course directly.

  • When a learner completes a course, the completion data is sent to Degreed.

    Because it is important that the user exists in both systems, the integration only works when SSO is used.
    The user is identified by email address in both systems.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.30.51 pm

1. Create/Update Course (We don't handle deletes)
Courses are created in EdApp and the metadata will be send to degreed via:

2. Course completion information
After a user completes a course, the course will be marked as completed in degreed via: