Launch kit: Ed's Top Launch Tips

We know every program and learner cohort is different, but here are a few best practices we've noticed really drive successful programs.

Content Design

  • Maintain microlearning and gamification principles
    • Keep lessons short and to the point
    • Ensure you have an activity slide every 2-3 knowledge transfer slides
  • Get feedback from your learners via surveys on the content


Content delivery:

  • Release complete courses – releasing new lessons within a course is much more difficult to find as a learner, releasing a whole new course is much better
  • Set achievable due dates on courses
  • Reinforce knowledge over time with Rapid Refresh


Establish a timeline for ongoing content releases:

  • This builds learner behaviour of ongoing usage -- new content every week, fortnight or month
  • If you don't have enough of your own created content, then use Edapp's Course Library! New courses are consistently added weekly. 
  • Don’t overwhelm users upon initial login by drip-feeding new courses throughout the year matches microlearning best practice


"I thought that a waterfall deliver would be a better admin and learner experience, but I know have realised that launching to all my learners, simultaneously, drives traction. I'm seeing much better engagement across the board and saves me effort too!"

- Administrator



  • Use a variety of images and gifs 
  • New banner in conjunction with launches/engagement features



  • Set these up before launch!
  • Ensure there are enough lessons available to keep earning more scores
  • Consider rewarding the learners who win the leaderboard – maybe highlighting them on the next banner
  • Incremental leaderboards can be very effective e.g. quarterly/ monthly. Gives everyone a chance to reach the top when they start a new leaderboard.


  • Cater to your audience, find out what they like in order to keep them motivated
  • Choose a range of different prizes to be available 
  • Have different values of prizing e.g. $5, $10, $20, $50

Have you got some to add? We would love to hear from you!

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