Embed a URL within a lesson

Embedding a URL within your courseware is a clean and tidy way to incorporate hyperlinks.

You may be looking to cite a source, link to another learning material, or guide your learner to a company portal. Just remember, make sure it's informative or serves a concise purpose as you don’t want your learner wandering too far from the lesson itself.


1. Navigate to the location where you'd like to use the hyperlink

You will only be able to provide hyperlinks or URLs from within your lesson content. This could be on any Content slide, within the Takeaway Field, or on the Exit slide.


2. Use the following HTML tag

Copy the following HTML template into your lesson where you would like the URL to sit.

<a href="URL"> Demo text that will work as the link </a>

3. Specify where you would like the hyperlink to point to

Replace the URL in <a href="URL"> with the desired link between the two pairs of straight quotation marks.

4. Add the hyperlinked text

Now add in the text that will work as the link.


5. Close your HTML tag

You now need to indicate where the link ends, which is called “closing your HTML tag”. To do this, add an </a> at the end of the hyperlinked text.

Your text will now look something like this: 

<a href=”URL”> Demo text that will work as the link </a>


To the learner, your URL will look like this: