Questions on Learner's App Filters

Q: Can you apply more than one filter at the same time?

Yes, all filter combinations work together simultaneously.


Q: Are Filters available for all app users?

Only organisational learners (Enterprise and self-service learners)


Q: Do results return course collections too?

No, only courses.


Q: Is this Filters feature available for ILs?

No, not in this first iteration


Q: When a learner taps into a filtered course, can they return to the filtered view?

Yes, learner will return to filtered view regardless of how long they spend within the filtered course


  • Filtered course > course page > go back > filtered view

  • Filtered course in a collection > course page > take lesson > go back > course page > go back > filtered view


Q: What constitutes as 'new course'?

Any courses that are published within the last 10 days will be in the 'new course' section