Filters on LMS

Q: Is Learners Display view available for all LMS users?

No, only Admins are able to access the Learners Display view to re-order the ranking of courses for learners.


Q: How does the sorting work?

Definitions of ascending/descending are the standard ones (read => as first to last)

  • Ascending:

    • Alphabetical (a => z) - This is only applied on course/collection titles

    • Dates (past => future)

  • Descending:

    • Alphabetical (z => a)

    • Dates (future => past)


Q: Are Filters on the LMS available for all LMS users?

LMS Filters are available for:

  • Admins

  • Super Admins

  • Content Authors

  • Reviewers


Q: Can there be a combination of search, filters, and sorting?

Yes, can choose to apply a combination of:

  • Sort + Filter

  • Filter + Search

  • Sort + Search

  • Sort + Search + Filter


Q: What can be searched in the LMS?

Course title, a course’s external identifier, and course collection title


Q: Do results return course collections too?