Frozen User Group

The frozen user group functionality enables admins to block learners from logging into the app but maintain their completion data.

Benefits of a frozen user group

  • Admins can remove learner access without losing their progress
  • If a learner needs to be reinstated at a later date, the admin can facilitate them in 'picking up where they left off'
  • Helps maintain an overview of all analytics, as admins can maintain all completions ever made

A user can be moved into this type of group, and they will be automatically logged out of their account. 


Frozen user groups are only available for paid plans and can only be set up by us at EdApp, if you would like one set up then please reach out to us via live chat or


Once the group has been set up in your account:

Step 1: Go to the user groups part of the users tab


Step 2: Locate your frozen user group

(whoever set it up for you will tell you what it is called!)


Step 3: Add the users you want to freeze into the group 

After being added to the group they will be automatically signed out of their app (please allow some time for the system to carry out the request) - in the example below "" will now be locked out of their account.



If you want to reinstate someone's access simply remove them from this type of group they will be able to log in again.