Group Training FAQ

What is Group Training?

Group training is a mode of presenting EdApp training courses in a group environment and capturing attendance.


What courses can be presented in Group Training mode?

Any course can have Group training mode turned on, although some courses and lessons would work better in a group setting than others.

Any users with the Admin or Author roles can enable Group Training on any course by selecting ‘Course settings’, the tab ‘Access Rules’ and clicking ‘Group Training’


How can I tell which courses have been enabled for Group Training?

  1. Group Training courses will appear as per normal alongside other courses.

  2. In Courseware, filter by ‘Group Training’ courses.


Who can conduct Group Training sessions?

Any user with an Admin or Facilitator role will be able to launch any Group training session, present content and capture attendees.


Will learners be able to take these courses as individual learning via the Learners app?

Yes, these courses will still appear in the Learners app and it is possible for learners to take them individually.


Will Group training appear in analytics? 

Yes, lessons conducted in a group training mode will appear, although all scores will have been obtained as a group. 


How can I tell if a learner took a course in Group training mode? 

In Analytics, these course completions will be indicated as having been completed in a Group training mode. The Manager Dashboard will have an on hover message for any course completions. The Course Completion By User report will have a new filter for Group Training. 


Can Group training be presented in other languages? 

Yes, any translated course can have Group training mode enabled.