How to download and save your lessons as a PDF

Admins can download and save copies of their lessons as PDF files

This is a good option if you'd like your reviewers to be able to provide you with feedback on specific slides in your lesson. They can simply make comments in your PDF export and then you can implement the changes in the Creator Tool. 

To do so, follow the steps below:
1. Go to the 'Content' tab > Course >  and find the course where the lesson is.

2. Click on the course and then select 'Edit' located on the upper right of the screen.
3. Choose the specific lesson to export/review.
4. Click the 3 dots beside the lesson title you want to export and then click 'Settings'.
5. Go to the ‘More’ tab, and under that click ‘View lesson content'.


6. Wait for the word 'Print' to appear (it will appear as Rendering Thumbnails at first) > click 'Print' > 'Save as PDF'.