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How To Import Courses From A Linked Account

This article will guide you through how to import courses from a linked account

Linked accounts can be useful to admins as you may be working on multiple projects on EdApp at one time or you may be part of a large organisation that has a 'sandbox' account and a 'production' account. 

You will need to reach out to us on live chat about setting this up or via support@edapp.com

Note: This is only available if one or both of your admin accounts are on a paid plan. Check out our pricing plans here: Pricing

A word of caution with this feature, it is a one way relationship between the 'sandbox' account and the 'production' account.

When you reimport a course that has already been imported, it will overwrite rather than making a copy.

If you want to maintain the original in the 'production' account, we advise making a copy of the changed course in the 'sandbox' account. You will then need to import the copy into the 'production' account as this will now be recognised as a different course. 


Step 1: Go to your courses page and find the drop down menu next to the 'create a course' button.


Step 2: Click on 'import courses'

Step 3: Choose the catalogue you have access to import courses from

Step 4: Select the courses to import

Step 5: Click on 'import courses'

Your courses will now be imported into your account, you can head to your courses page to check them out