Import a Course from the Content Library

Importing a course from the content library can be done in these easy steps.

The Content Library contains a growing list of fully editable content designed to help authors rapidly create and deploy content on a range of topics. This post covers how to access the Content Library and import content from it.

When an Admin or author wants to create some new microlearning courseware this will be done under the ‘Courses’ tab on From here, Admins can also import courseware into their account from our content library. Admins need to click on the 'Content Library' button next to the 'Create a Course' button. Once clicked, this will open our content library that is packed with useful courseware.

Picture 19

The courseware within the content library can be utilized as a template to build upon, or simply as inspiration, to visualize different ways our team have interpreted some concept, interactive and game templates available. The content library has been provided to Admins/Authors to aid them in building their own learning program from example courseware.

Admins simply need to click on the courses they would like to import (multiple courses can be imported at the same time) and then click 'Import Selected Courses'. These courses can be used in a learning program if the Admin/Author wishes to do so and customized to meet specific requirements. 

There are many category sections in the content library that allows you to search more efficiently. To see more options of courseware within the category, you can use the "See All" button. 

The content library has a search functionality for ease of use. New content is being added to it regularly and additional functionality will soon be available!