Learner's Guide To Leaderboards

Use our leaderboards as a learner. Leaderboards offer a new way for you to track activity individually and in your user group. 


You can earn a maximum of 100 points per lesson and the more interactions you get right, the more points you will get.

If you attempt a lesson multiple times, only the highest score will be counted towards your leaderboards.

For example; if you take the lesson once and earn 60 points this will be moved to the currently running leaderboard. If you then re-take the lesson (while the leaderboard is running) and earn 100 points, your 60 points will be replaced with 100 points.

Leaderboards do not backdate any scores, the only scores that will count towards your leaderboard are the ones that you earn during the time the leaderboard is running.

You can find your leaderboards by heading to your Profile via the navigation bar and then clicking Leaderboards. 

Once you reach this page you can see all the leaderboards you have access to.


You can click on a leaderboard to see where you stand on the leaderboard. If you do not have a first name and last name on your user profile, it will show as your email address. To update your user profile with your first name and last name, you will need to reach out to the admin of your learning programme. 

You can toggle between different leaderboards by going back one step and clicking on a different leaderboard. 

Your 'global' leaderboard will show your individual performance, whereas your 'team' leaderboard will show your contribution to the group you belong to. This view is only applicable to Rapid Refresh or Course leaderboards.

How do I improve my score on a leaderboard or lesson?

Your points in the leaderboard will be the sum of each of your best lesson scores. For example, these are my scores for a course:

  1. Lesson 1 = 80
  2. Lesson 2 = 50
  3. Lesson 3 = incomplete

My score would currently be (80+50) = 130. But if I were to complete lesson 3 and achieve a score of 90, then my score on the leaderboard would now be (80+50+90) = 220.

If you have completed all of your courseware you can still climb the leaderboard by improving your lesson performance. You can do this by retaking a lesson and ensuring you have more correct answers than you did previously. If you bet your personal best score for that lesson, your leaderboard score will increase.

In the case above, if I retake lesson 2 and achieve a perfect score of 100 for my second attempt at that lesson, then my leaderboard points will now be (80+100+90) = 270.