Learner Guide to Prizing

If your programme administrator has enabled prizing, you'll have the chance to earn stars and spend them for the chance to win some of the great prizes

Earn Stars 

Stars are assigned to lessons and earned by answering questions or achieving specified scores in games. As you progress through a lesson, you'll be notified when you have earned stars. You'll also see a recap of the stars you've earned at the end of the lesson. 

Check how many stars you have in your account by navigating to My Profile via either the bottom navigation bar (mobile) or the top right avatar icon (web).



Win Prizes 

If your Admin has configured prizing for your cohort, you will see this by clicking on the Star Count or on Star Bar in the My Profile.

You'll be able to play your stars in the pre-selected game and see what prizes are available. 


You'll be notified directly on the screen if you win a prize. 

Redeem Prizes 

Upon winning a prize, you'll be able instructed to Claim it and enter a line of advice to your fellow users. This can be any positive message you'd like! 


You'll receive your prize redemption instructions via email. Simply follow the instructions to redeem! 

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