Learner Guide to Rapid Refresh

This article will explain how learners can use Rapid Refresh

Firstly, make sure you are on v2.76 (or above) of the app!

When a quiz session is available, you will receive the following notification at 9am.

If you press this notification, it will deep link directly into the rapid refresh quiz start page.



On the learners app home page, Rapid Refresh appears at the top of the app underneath banners.

The rapid refresh tile shows the number of questions in the session, approximate time required to complete the session and the session number over the total number of sessions.




A locked symbol will appear on the rapid refresh tile if:

a) the admin has selected prerequisites to the rapid refresh and

b) you haven’t completed the prerequisites courses.




If you click on a locked tile, you will be presented with a message explaining the courses that you need to complete before being able to access the rapid refresh quiz.




All learners will see the following start screen before you can start answers questions.



The question and answer screen that you are presented with mirrors the single select multiple choice template. Only one correct answer can be selected.




After completing the quiz, you will see your total score of the leaderboard, number of correct answers and position on the leaderboard. You will also see a summary of your responses once you have finished the quiz. 

Scoring works by providing learners with 100 points per each correct answer. This accumulates across all sessions.




If the admin has disabled the leaderboard, you will see the following screen at the end of your quiz session.