Letter Jumble

This article will explain the Letter Jumble template

The Letter Jumble is a fun and stimulating word game template that helps learners retain key terms or concepts with the help of image reveals. This is perfect for lessons with unfamiliar, tricky-to-spell terms or concepts that need to be retained in the learners’ memory.


How to play

In the game, learners have to choose from a jumble of letters at the bottom to complete words or phrases before the picture is completely revealed. This can be done by dragging a letter to fit each gap.


Learners can score higher points the faster they complete an entry. This game becomes increasingly challenging as more and more letters become missing and learners have to hurry before they run out of time. 

How to configure

To use this template, you only need to change the Image field and the Word field. The Word field allows you to type the word/s that you want learners to guess, while the Image field is where you include an image that will go with your chosen word or phrase.

Click on the +Add Section tool to include more entries to your game. 


There is an option for you to set the timer in the Timer tab, and if you want your learners to take their time, you can tick the Disable box to remove the timer. 

For example, in a lesson about Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), you can use the Letter Jumble template to help learners remember Sciatica:


This not only helps learners remember a common example of MSD but also helps them accurately spell a commonly confused word. 


Letter Jumble is the go-to game template for those who want to master key concepts in a lesson. By choosing from a mix of letters and with the guidance of an image reveal, learners can quickly remember how key difficult concepts are spelled and what images are associated with them, making learning a fun and rewarding experience.