Making A Course Mandatory

This article will show you how to make a course mandatory for your learners to complete

Making a course mandatory can be useful to remind learners that it is part of their compulsory training as well as being able to easily identify mandatory courses in analytics. 

Let's take a look at how to make a course mandatory...


Step 1: Go to the course you want to make mandatory and click on 'access rules'

Step 2: Select the option 'mandatory course'


Step 3: Choose if you want the course to have a due date or not

Step 4: If you want it to have a due date, then select the date you want it to be complete by


Ok, now we know how to set it up, let's look at what that looks like on learner's app...


In the example below, the first course is overdue which means it is past the due date hence the 'overdue' bubble at the top of the course. 

The second course has a due date of 23rd July, which is visible in the top right hand corner bubble.

The example below shows a mandatory course without a due date.

The second course in the example below is a course that is not mandatory.