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Move, duplicate and copy lesson slides

Sometimes your courses may feature similar content or lesson structures. To save you from setting up slides from scratch, you can import established templates from another course or lesson and even duplicate slides within a lesson. 



Duplicate a slide

Import slides from other lessons

Move slide order in a lesson

Navigate to the lesson you would like to edit and enter the Authoring tool. 


Duplicate a slide 

To duplicate a slide, click on the slide you would like to duplicate and press Duplicate. This slide will appear below the original slide. 



Import a slide from another lesson 

To import a slide from another lesson, click 'Add a new slide' when you're editing your lesson. Click Import. You'll be able to search for the relevant lesson and choose the slides you would like to import. Click insert and these slides will appear in the lesson. 

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Move slides within a lesson 

It's very easy to drag and drop the order of slides you would like displayed in a lesson. 

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