Offline Mode

This post covers how to set up offline mode so that your learners can access EdApp wherever they are

Offline mode makes it easy for learners to complete their courseware, regardless of whether they have a current WiFi or data connection. If this setting is turned on, learners will be able to continue their lessons regardless, with their progress syncing when they re-enter a WiFi or data zone. 

Useful tip: Offline mode works for most courseware but doesn't sync with certain features like peer learning or video streaming templates. 

Enable Offline Mode in App Settings 

Navigate to the More Tab and ensure 'Offline Mode' is ticked.

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Having this turned on in your account does not mean that it will download all lessons for all users. The user still needs to download the lessons they require on their own app. 

Learner's View - Download Lesson 

On the learner's app, alongside the lesson name, a download icon will appear that the user can tap to begin downloading each lesson. After tapping the download button, the icon will begin downloading with a circular progress ring around the icon. Once the download is complete, the icon is changed to 'downloaded' and will appear as green.  


Learner's View - Additional Configuration 

Cancel or remove a download 

If a learner taps the 'X' icon this will cancel the download and return the icon to the initial downloadable icon. This removes the lesson from locally downloaded content. 

Lessons will stay downloaded on the device until they are removed by the learner OR if you log out of the learners app

Unavailable for Offline 

Some lessons will not be available for downloading offline. This includes lessons with embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as lessons with Peer Learning. Currently, Briefcase documents are unavailable to download for Offline viewing.


Allow Cellular Data Downloads

Learners have the option to use cellular data to download their lessons, in addition to WiFi.  This can be configured by the learner under 'My Profile.'

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