Onboarding Series

Become an EdApp expert with these interactive group sessions.

These onboarding sessions will provide you with a strong foundation to start utilizing the admin platform. In these three sessions, learn about registering users, launching and creating content, evaluating your program’s progress, engaging your learners, and more!

Feel free to take all three sessions in one week, or join when you need your own à la carte journey. You're also welcome to join a session at any time to refresh your knowledge.


Session 1 · Authoring (45 minutes)

In this session, we will teach you how to create beautiful content in EdApp’s authoring tool.


    Session 2 · Learner & Content management (30 minutes) 

    In the User & Content management session, we will teach you how to create and manage your learners in the admin platform, as well as how to launch your content to your learners. 


    Session 3 · Engagement Tools & Analytics (45 minutes)

    In this session, we will show you how to effectively configure EdApp’s incredible engagement tools like leaderboards, prize draws, and more! We will also show you how to analyze your team’s performance in our analytics suite.