Peer Authoring

Q. What is Peer Authoring?

Peer Authoring is a template type that allows learners to upload video submissions, as well as comment on their peers’ submissions. This is a great template to encourage peer to peer learning. 


Q: How do I enable Peer Authoring?

Navigate to the authoring tool, and open the template library. Go to the 'Content' section, and scroll down to the 'Peer Authoring template'. Click the template to add it into any lesson. 


Q: How do admins view video submissions from learners?

Admins can view all of the video submissions from learners by navigating to the 'Peer Learning' dropdown. Click on 'Peer Authoring', and Admins may view all submissions separated by course/lesson/slide. 


Q: How many videos in total can be uploaded and displayed?

There is no limit on the number of videos that can be uploaded at this time. 


Q: Are there any video upload size limits for Peer Authoring?

We recommend video sizes of no more than 10 MB.


Q: Does Peer Authoring work in offline mode?

Peer Authoring is not supported in offline mode at this time.