Rapid Refresh FAQ

What is Rapid Refresh?

It’s a fast and easy way to create an interactive quiz to reinforce knowledge. Simply upload an excel template of questions and answers, and our technology transforms this into an engaging quiz to quickly deploy to your learners.


How do I activate Rapid Refresh in my account?

Rapid Refresh is automatically live in your account, make sure you are on v2.76 or more recent of the app


What if I don’t have any content in EdApp yet?

You don’t need any existing content in your EdApp account to get started. You can use Rapid Refresh without any other courses in your account. 


How is it different from Brain Boost? 

Brain Boost is built automatically using content that already exists within your EdApp library and requires learners to have completed a number of lessons to activate. Rapid Refresh is built by you and can automatically be deployed to all learners even if you have no training content in EdApp.


What format is the sheet I upload?

.xlsx (Excel)

What billing plan is Rapid Refresh available on?

Rapid Refresh will be available to everyone, including those on our free plan. 


Do I have to pay extra for Rapid Refresh?



Can only admins configure Rapid Refresh or can users with other roles do it too?

Admins and content authors can configure Rapid Refresh


Where can I find it on the admin portal?

It is a button on the courses page - near ‘Create a Course’ and ‘Content Library’


Can I change the start and end date of the quiz?

Updating the quiz date is only possible if the Rapid Refresh quiz status is still 'SCHEDULED.' Once the status has been set to 'IN PROGRESS', it is no longer possible to change or extend the quiz date.


Where will learners find it on their app?

Learners will be able to see Rapid Refresh at the top of their home screen. 


It will be underneath Banners, but above Playlists and courses


How can I see the learner’s results of the Rapid Refresh?

There is a section in the ‘Analytics’ tab for Rapid Refresh, here you’ll get a list of all learners assigned. On this report, the questions will have one of three statuses: Correct, Incorrect, or Unattempted. 


If the user hasn’t accessed the quiz yet, these questions will be marked as unattempted on the report.


How can I see the length of time it took the learners?

On the analytics, you will be able to see the time it took the learner to complete the quiz.


The time spent here will be a running total. For example, if the learner completed Session #1 in 3 minutes and Session #2 in 4 minutes, this column will display the total time spent as 7 minutes. The time spent will update each time the learner completes a new session.


Can I see how many learners engaged with Rapid Refresh?

You can check the analytics for Rapid Refresh to see all learners who are assigned to the Rapid Refresh.


How can I give my learners access to the Rapid Refresh?

You assign learners to Rapid Refresh through the ‘access rules’ tab. 


Please note that Rapid Refresh will automatically appear on the learner’s home screen only on the specified start date and will be automatically removed on the end date. 


How many Rapid Refresh quizzes can my learners see at once?

For the same Rapid Refresh, they will only see one session at a time on their course home screen. 


For example, if today is Tuesday and a learner had a Rapid Refresh with 10 total sessions delivered daily, they will only see Tuesday's session on their screen. At 12AM local time, Tuesday's session will automatically disappear from their screen and be replaced with Wednesday's session.


If the learner is assigned to multiple different Rapid Refreshers, they will be able to see all their assigned Rapid Refreshers, on their course home screen. Again, they will only be able to see the current session for each separate Rapid Refresh quiz. 


There is no limit on how many Rapid Refreshers, learners can be assigned to.


If I already have a leaderboard running, will RR add to that existing leaderboard?

No, all points earned in Rapid Refresh will only go towards the Rapid Refresh leaderboard.


Can we use CSS in this lesson?

Yes, you will be able to brand Rapid Refresh the same way you brand any other course.


How frequently will my learners get notifications about RR?

The learner will automatically receive a push notification to their mobile device the morning a new session is made available. The notification will be sent at 9AM local time. If the quiz session has already been completed prior to 9AM (i.e. between the quiz being released at 12AM - 9AM), the learner will not receive the notification. 


This is the only notification learners will receive per session.


Can these notifications be customized?

For the first release, notifications are unable to be customized. 


What templates will it put my questions into?

They will be put into templates from the ‘Multiple Choice’ section of the template library


Can I make more than one answer correct?

At the moment only one answer can be made correct for each question.

How many points can my learners earn per rapid refresh?

The number of points rewarded per correct answer is 100 points. So the total maximum points available is the number of questions * 100.


E.g. 10 questions * 100 points = 1000 total maximum points


Where would RR sit in terms of banners, playlists, and courses?

Rapid Refresh will sit below banners but above playlists and courses on the learner’s app

Are there any recommendations around the configurations? E.g. how long to schedule it for ?

You have the option of deploying all your uploaded question in one quiz session, or splitting up the quiz in multiple sessions, spaced over a period of time. 


To set up multiple-spaced sessions, we require your desired session frequency (daily/weekly), a start date, and an end date. Based on your chosen frequency and dates, we'll tell you how many sessions you'll have in total and how many questions will be asked per session. 


You'll be able to adjust your frequency and dates to find the configurations that suit your needs.


We recommend uploading enough questions in your question template to suit your scheduling needs. For example, if you only have three questions uploaded, you'll only be able to schedule a maximum of three sessions

Is there a maximum number of questions I can upload?

Yes, the maximum number of questions is 100.


Is there a maximum number of questions learners can see per session?

When creating your RR, you'll be given the option to deploy all questions at once in one session or split your questions evenly into multiple sessions, spaced evenly over a period of time.


If you have chosen to deploy your RR in one session, the maximum number of questions learners can see in this session is equal to the maximum number of questions you are allowed to upload, which is 100.


How do I make sure to not overwhelm the learner with too many Rapid Refreshers?

When creating multiple different Rapid Refresh quizzes, be sure to keep track of how many Rapid Refreshers you're assigning to any one User Group.


While each Rapid Refresh will only display one session at a time to an assigned learner, having multiple Rapid Refreshers assigned can be overwhelming, especially if you've set session frequencies to be daily.


You'll be able to monitor the engagement of your learners using our dedicated Rapid Refresh analytics.

Can I restart the Rapid Refresh after it has ended?

Once Rapid Refresh Quiz has ended, or it has reached it's end date, you can't reopen it anymore. However, you can just re-upload the template (.XSLX) you used for your previous Rapid Refresh Quiz. 

Does the order of the Excel sheet dictate the order of questions presented to the user?

Yes - the slides are created in the order supplied in the XSLX file.