Course Library Search, Filters & Sorting

This article will explain how to search, filter and sort your course library.


The search box is to help admins and authors locate the course they wish to amend. The search bar gives instantaneous results depending on the key terms searched matching either course/collection title or external ID


Filters enable admins and authors to find courses that meet certain criteria. The Filters button is found next to the search bar. The following elements are included in Filters:


You can choose the status of the course

1. All courses

2. Published

3. Drafted


You can choose to look at courses in a certain language if there are translated courses in your account. The drop-down menu allows you to choose the language of the courses you would like to amend.

User group access:

You can choose a course to amend based on its user group assignment. If you want to check which courses are assigned to a certain user group, this can be done from the courses page or the user group page.

Universal access:

This filter will show you all the courses that are on universal access.

Date range:

This filter can be used to find course based on

1. Any date

2. Date created (with the option to choose a start and end date)

3. Date modified (with the option to choose a start and end date)


The sorting feature allows you to sort your courseware based on criteria within the drop-down menu. You can filter by:

  • Date created (will not affect the display on the learner's app)
  • Date modified (will not affect the display on the learner's app)
  • Date published (will not affect the display on the learner's app)
  • Alphabetically (will not affect the display on the learner's app)
  • Learner display 

If you never change anything in the 'learner display' filter then the courses will be sorted on the learner's app by date created (from newest to oldest)

Learner display

This is a special sorting order available only to account admins. Switching to this view allows you to manually determine the order learners will see their courses on the app. To configure, simply drag and drop courses into your desired order.

Note: Configuring the learner display is recommended only for accounts with smaller course libraries. 

Learner display
It's also important to note that while this feature does exist, the course order you define for your learners will also be affected by:

  • Mandatory courses — any assigned courses set to ‘mandatory’ will automatically be pushed to the top of the learner’s app screen, regardless of your manual sorting order
  • Assigned User Groups — learners will only be able to view courses assigned to them, regardless of your manual sorting order