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Q: What are Surveys? 

Survey templates do not have a correct/incorrect setting and instead capture user generated answers. They can be used to gather feedback from learners about your lessons, or test their knowledge. All information provided is available for export from the LMS. 


Q: Where can I find my survey responses? 

Survey responses will be directly fed into our analytics reporting suite titled ‘Surveys’.


Q: Can learners see other responses from other learners?

No, users will only be able to submit their answers.


Q: Can learners revisit their survey answer?

No, users won't be able to revisit their survey answers. This gives learners the capability to answer the question again if they would like to. 


Q: When should I use surveys? 

Survey templates can be used for various reasons, including learner feedback on their understanding of the lesson, how the course can be improved, what a learners understanding of a topic is at the beginning of the lesson and what their understanding is afterwards. 


Q: What are the different types of surveys? 

We have Free Text surveys that allow for free text input from the learner, multiple choice format, a likert scale, as well as a quadrant matrix suitable for categorical testing. 


Q: Can I export my learners' responses?

Of course, authors and administrators have the ability to browse and export all survey data collected both via CSV and XLS formats. 


Q: When is a good time to use surveys?

Surveys can be useful to get feedback on your lessons and courses. You can ask learners how they found the learning programme and if they have any suggestions of improvements if applicable.