The Importance of Slide Variation

This article will highlight the importance of slide variation

Within the EdApp Creator Tool, you have access to many templates; which range from delivering content to testing the learner. You don’t actually have to use different templates and varying templates, but you really should as it will help increase engagement and retention.

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Virtual learning comes with a lot of stigma, and it is easy for an individual to turn off their brain when mandatory workplace learning is rolled out. Here at EdApp, we want to make boring PDFs and dry PowerPoints a thing of the past. When a learner completes a well crafted EdApp course, they get to experience many interactions and way the content is visualised.


Each template in EdApp has its own options and nuances that can be changed to fit the authors needs. You should try to never repeat a template and if you do need to repeat a template try your best to make it differ. When a learner is presented with a new screen or a new interaction they have to put more cognitive effort into completing it; even if they are reluctant they will still subconsciously absorb the knowledge.

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Finally, you should weave in reinforcements throughout your EdApp lessons and don’t be afraid to stray away from multiple choice! Keep questions throughout the lesson, so learners are constantly having to recall information helping convert it to long term memory.