Virtual Classrooms Feature

This article summarises how you can utilise our virtual classrooms feature for your blended learning programme.

Our virtual classrooms feature allows Admins/ Authors to incorporate a blended learning programme by building meetings/virtual classrooms in directly as a new lesson type. 

The virtual classrooms feature enables video meetings to be directly linked to a course. Users will be notified when an event is coming up and will be able to add it to their calendar. They will also be able to view a recording of the event if the Admin uploads this after the event takes place. 

The virtual classrooms feature can be used with most video conferencing platforms e.g. Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It can also be configured to display in-person meeting locations. 

Part A. Admin LMS - To Configure Virtual Classroom

Step 1: Click on "Create lesson" and click on "Virtual Classroom".

virtual classroom 1

Step 2: Enter the name of the virtual classroom which will be automatically saved.

Step 3: On the “Virtual Classroom” tab and enter the required information of conference. These will be shown to the learner.

Required information:

  • Start date and time (In Admin’s time but will displayed in the learner’s timezone on the learner’s app)

  • End date and time (In Admin’s time but will displayed in the learner’s timezone on the learner’s app)

  • Meeting Link or Location (Physical)

Optional Information:

  • Description

  • Post-Meeting Recording (should be available after the conference)


virtual classroom 2

Step 4: Settings: Admin can set up external ID in this tab.

Step 5: Admin can only publish the virtual classroom lesson after entering all required information.


Part B. Learners' App

Step 1: Each time the learner logs in, they will see a pop-up for next virtual classroom available, and they can click "view details" or view course details (if the next conference is in a course that has multiple conferences). They can also dismiss the pop-up. 

Single virtual classroom:

Multiple virtual classrooms:

Step 2: When they open the virtual classroom, they can see the details of the event. They can click “Add to calendar” which will open a calendar invite object on their native calendar app so that the learner can add the invite to their calendar.

*Useful to note - The event date and time are in the learner’s timezone.

Conference Link:

Physical Location View:


Step 3: When the virtual classroom starts, they can click “Join” which will open up the link for the virtual classroom, or they can click the copy button next to the link to copy the truncated link and paste it to their browser to access the virtual classroom.

Step 4: When the virtual classroom has finished and if the Admin provided a recorded link, they can click “View Recording” which will open up the link of the recording.